Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Literacy in DT

So we are all teaches of literacy regardless of our subject specialism or like me an NQT in design technology. I therefore took it upon myself to create these literacy frames for my desks. 

Each table features an ikea no expense spared with these £1 frames, they are plastic and very robust. 

Included in these frames are sentence starters, key terms, vocabulary, spellings and key design technology words. 

These are to encourage there sentence structures and development of their literacy skills. 

I always try to promote independent working so always tell my class to refer to the frames for help. 

Thursday, 23 February 2017

The teacher crisis

Yes, it has now been revealed by the Education Select Committee at the House of Commons that, what we've suspected all along, there is a teacher shortage and in particular my subject area Design and Technology. It is such a shame that the intake for 2017 has only reached 41% of its target and that's even with the incentive bursary they are giving.

However, anybody who is relatively interested in teaching D&T in secondary schools may also be aware of the increasing subject knowledge demand and on the other hand the decreasing of schools and pupils taking the subject, this is all because of that Ebacc. 

Overall there is a teacher shortage and apparently it's getting worse....
'The government is failing to take adequate measures to tackle "significant teacher shortages" in England, a committee of MPs has said.' , this quote taken from BBC's education website

Almost a third of teachers who started jobs in 2010 had left within 5 years, doesn't this tell MP's and the government something! Something needs to change. This is all being widely reported and I particularly like DATA's coverage on this as it is more subject specific

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

New blog design

Since I started this blog back in way back when, the college days, it has always been some what ...basic. So since starting teaching I've thought why not get fully back in to the swing of blogging to share my journey of teacher training, everything from applying to qualifying and to share the lovely work of the pupils I have taught.

With this in mind I have decided to refresh the look of my blog, create a new logo, change the name of the blog and have a overall change really.

I've taken images from google search of various textiles equipment to create my logo which I am by no means copyrighting at all.

I have now created a new Instagram account called MISSTEXTILES <<< go follow right here
This is where I will regularly post images, quotes, pupils work etc.

So... there we go... a fresh new look

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Textiles project with KS3

So, most if not all KS3 pupils will have a phone or tablet or at least know someone who does so this project can actually go to use when they complete.

A phone, tablet, iPhone or iPad case cover made out of fabric which will be based on the theme of Science and Technology because, lets be honest, I'm all about the STEM subjects and why not promote some cross curricular links within design?

With this in mind pupils can mind map ideas of Science and Technology, it really is quite broad so their ideas very much vary. Without giving them too many ideas because they tend to copy, some key words to help them get started but really giving them free reign to be creative.

The emphasis on this project is on the sewing machine where I will do some team work, pairing up the lower ability with higher. As well as this I will promote hand embroidery and introduce them to applique.

Pinterest link  - to view some ideas of cases please view and follow me on Pinterest

Images to follow of the pupils work but for now, here's my example which I have started to pin in place on to calico. It is a space scene which I have began to embroider The Sun.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Getting in to teaching

My journey started last year in pursuit to getting in to teaching, specifically secondary design and technology. With a background within the fashion retail industry and degree in textiles and surface design it was only natural this was always going to be the career path I'd take. Having a passion for the subject and motivated to make a difference I applied for my PGCE at Sunderland University.

My first thought to get in to teaching was a few years ago whilst competing in Miss Newcastle. When being asked what I would do if won, my response was that I would like to go in to schools giving motivational and inspiring talks regarding bullying, self confidence and careers advice.

I had to revise quite a bit for the numeracy skills test as I seemed to have forgotten everything from school. I practiced the tests online, found Bitesize handy and found worksheets online to practice the parts I was struggling on. Literacy was not a problem as I had plenty of customer care experience where I'd write emails to customers every day so spelling, grammar and punctuation was practiced. Luckily I passed both my numeracy and literacy skills tests first time which I was relieved that all the hard work paid off.

Now on to the real hard work, starting the PGCE. From University assignments to lesson planning and combining them all at once. It's not an easy course by any means, I would recommend anyone thinking about going in to teaching to really consider your motivations and reasons for wanting to go in to teaching. It certainly is not easy, unless you have a real passion and drive for teaching as well as the subject you will be teaching I wouldn't do it.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

The Discovery School visit

I had a great opportunity on Friday to spend the day at the Discovery School in Newcastle. We were met by the lovely Dan he gave us a tea and coffee as we waited for the rest of the group to arrive.

The head teacher, who's name was Wendy, gave us a passionate talk about the school giving us insight to the unique way the school works.

Discovery school is a STEM school; Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The pupils wear business dress and they are treated as adults with the vision of them coming to work not school. The cohort is 14-19 year olds and this is expected to be lowered soon.

The school works very well, with minimal behaviour problems and a very hard working ethic in lesson were pupils want to learn, excel and succeed.

The pupils, we were told, all go on to University, apprenticeships or work. The very young school of only few years old. The have state of the art equipment and facilities including 3D printers and CNC machinery.

Our day consisted of learning of a CAD programme to create a car design which we would later make on the CNC machine and race against each other.

We had the opportunity to observe lessons and see the different style of teaching and learning going on. Overall lessons were a relaxed environment where all pupils were on task and engaged in learning.

Website link is here for those wanting to apply to the school.


Friday, 20 January 2017

GCSE Design and Technology 2017 specification

AQA have just released and finalised the specification for design and technology. Obviously us teachers are aware of the changes for the subject, me at the minute am training so will be teaching this from September hopefully in my NQT year. 

I understand the fast paced industry of design and the ever changing technologies in 2017 which is amazing, however are the teachers prepared enough for this change.... if teachers have been in their profession for many years are they really that aware of the change in times, the advanced technologies out there and what the industry is even like. 

I've had a look over the specification and the exam paper, should we really now just call design and technology,  STEM instead? It seems to be heading that way? 

Would love to know your thoughts.