Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Mulberry and Michael Kors wipe out

So yesterday was crazy at work, we opened at 8 o'clock and the queues were mental just for the opening!
We were super busy and I don't believe in this recession malarky. There was too much spending for people to be "skint" 2 days after christmas.
Mulberry and Michael Kors bags sold out, they literally cleared the shelves it was unbelievable.
I just wish I got a picture....

Monday, 26 December 2011

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Book

So I received Alexander McQueen savage beauty book for christmas which shows his collection at New York Metropolitan Museum. Quotes from the great designer show his strange thoughts which are all dark, sinister some death related aside from this he is absolute genius.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas prezzie =]

Love my hand crafted lantern I received today. It's so beautiful!

It'll look lovely at night with candles in with all the glass panels and detailing.

Merry Christmas

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Little something I threw together...

So today I decided to jazz up this old vest top that I have, using some heat transfer paper and my jeans to create a print.

The heat transfer paper was purchased at Asda and is so easy to use. I basically started off my photocopying my snake print jeans in colour and black and white which I tore heart shapes out of, not being too careful. Using these I put together my design back on the copier and placed transfer paper in which printed my design. Cutting around the edge leaving about 5mm advised gap I followed the instructions placing it face down on to my ironed fabric, used a old cloth over the top to protect and used the iron on its hottest setting. I kept it moving to prevent burning and made sure to peel off as soon as possible as you want to take it off when still hot.

Mine still needs to go in the wash so in the photographs it may still look shiny and stiff.

Well that took all of 10minutes, the rest of my night was taken up with sewing for my current project....

Friday, 16 December 2011

Oh Little Rabbit

Oh, Little Rabbit has created this line of quirky baby onesies for your cool kids, so cute!

The chosen method of printing is screen and hand printing there hand drawn prints which are also shown on tea towels, t-shirts, pillow cases and coming soon canvas totes and paper goods. 

Great designs!  =]



I've just discovered a great website for artists, designers or entrepreneurs wanting to sell their work. Its called Supermarket and sells everything from jewellery, clothes, accessories, bags, furniture, lighting, decor, toys, books, journals, stationary and everything inbetween. Great designs by great artists to find something really different. 

"Dan Funderburgh is a wallpaper designer and commercial artist in Brooklyn, NY. His work can be found on walls, clothing, books, the bottom of skateboards, and leather Moleskine covers."

Love this moleskin notebook cover

Love this christmas card by artist Michelle Caplan who cleverly uses mixed media to create these lovely collaged cards. In this particular print Michelle has used recycled card and vegetable/soy based inks.

Hand printed tee's by Emulsion Apparel 

Hand printed wallpapers by Grow House Grow! 

"Each pattern Grow House Grow creates has a different tale to tell, and endeavors to spark creativity, mystery, and comfort in each room it inhabits."

Kim Westad has created these beautiful hand rendered ceramic vases, which I love the carefully applied dots which are slightly raised creating pattern and texture. 

So many wonderful artists and designer which I've only shared a selected few, you just need to see them for yourself!

Discover them at Supermarket 

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Wether its recycled, reclaimed, trashion, garbage couture or just being thrifty to you then heres some examples to get you thinking....

Barcode bag anyone? this is taken from a great website that features a lot of recycled accessories. 
Click the link

A domino in disguise, can you believe this was once a domino? Well PAPERMOONDESIGNS on etsy has managed to create a range of these beautiful necklace pendants. 

I was once on your pool table

These rings are awesome, you can chose your own number and they are carved to your ring size. Perfect! 

These are the sweetest things, recycled spoons 

I could do this all day! You can find a article of 35 accessories made from recycled materials at The gloss

Also check out great green goods which features loads of recycled quirky jewellery, etsy for more handmade jewellery, accessories and art. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Cheryl Cole designs shoes for Stylistpick

So just launched today was Cheryl Coles shoes she has designed for Stylistpick, I received my email today 'It’s arrived! Cheryl Cole’s premium collection is ready to shop‏' only to find....that I'm not impressed, especially after all the hype!
  Now I love Cheryl Cole and was hoping to get my sister some for christmas but this is a let down....

And I wonder who chose the names of each shoe.....

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Surface designs

I've been experimenting with some of the textures I created through my drawing (previous post). Scanning these into photoshop to crop, rotate, reflect and change the scale and create some pattern repeats suitable for digitally printing.
 Now I just have to decide which to take into development....

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lady Gaga on the cover of ELLE

Thought I'd share the subscribers cover of ELLE for January 2012, the article with Lady Gaga shares a insight into her life growing up as Stefani Germanotta at a all girls school, before she was famous and her loyal followers, the 'little monsters'.

Love this embroidered organza Alexander McQueen dress and matching headpiece

from elletv, behind the scenes of the cover

Find more at ELLE and the question they ask.....

"Lady Gaga is the artist of the moment: over 15 million Twitter followers; devoted fans who rarely leave her side; a fashion influence that makes pieces into sell-outs. But why does she wield such power and where does the spectacle end and the woman begin?"

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Art work

For this current project is based on a trend from WGSN for A/W 12/13 which is called Unearthed. I have therefore began drawing and creating textures through mixed media techniques, using paints, inks, papers, coffee and tea. The first two are very abstract and created onto canvas which will be submitted as work but my mam wants them up in the house. 

On canvas tissue paper, coffee, inks, acrylic paint and emulsion

On canvas, tissue paper, coffee and tea, inks, acrylic paint and emulsion

Mixture of painted texture, drawings and rubbings

Like a volcano erupting

textures created using paper towel, corrugated cardboard and loose tea

Just a little taster into the drawing side of my work and will update through the process  of design development 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Olympic games volunteers uniform

Olympic games volunteers uniform

Sainsburys staff uniform

Dick Dastardly and Mutley

As soon as I saw the release of the Olympic games volunteers uniforms I thought Sainsburys!! They look so similar with the staffs uniforms at this supermarket....or possibly Dick Dastardly and Muttley ??

Spot the difference....

FdA project 'Bloom'

From a project called bloom I had started drawing lillies which I photocopied a wrong hand drawing of a bunch, cut this in half and placed into a pattern which reflected the section. This was exposed on to a screen which I have then printed onto different weights of fabric, overlaying a detail print onto block background. 

Patterns created on photoshop

Created on photoshop

created on photoshop

Print on to card

Print on to card

More fabric samples using screen printing

Screen printing
Screen printed fabric sample

The following shows a series of products of which my print could be placed on to which include fashion and interior products.

High heel and dress design

Dresses with large print
T-shirt, purse, dress and pencil skirt
Playing with placement of print on to garment
Side panels with print
Print would go either side of back zip
Lampshade, bags and vase.

I didn't make any of these products but I'd love to go back and make some of my dress designs.