Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Digital print

This project was inspired by a film called The Science of Sleep, a film where a man is thrown between his wacky dreams and real life as he tries to escape from his real life worries in this imaginary life. A weird and wonderful film that captures the imagination. 

I have began initial drawings from certain stills of the film one of which I have focused my designs on is trees. I was then inspired by a side of the film where he seems to be inventing, working in a lab which is where a began further drawings into all things scientific and mathematic. 

Equations and graph paper came as a base and once scanning these into photoshop I began layering up images, reflecting and repeating until I came up with a repeat that reflects my take on the film. This was digitally printed onto silk as the style of the dress was gathered under the bust, making it short, sweet and floaty. I created a scattering of different shape beads which also reflect the thoughts and dreams in the film of being random. 

This was my final project of Year 1 FdA and I will therefore be updating more recent projects from 2nd year, watch this space.