Monday, 24 October 2011

Feathered piece


So since the previous post I have began to place and sew together the feather pieces which I am planning on creating into a neckpiece which I hope will be used for a fashion photoshoot in the near future.

Just deciding wether to have one shoulder or a full neck/ chest piece....

I have found some other feathered pieces on google images from designer to high street, Topshop and ASOS. A independent designer I have found on etsy is the work of Kathy Coleman who makes AMAZING feathered collars and neckpieces. 

fashion photography >>>
'Bird' like but great photography

<<< BBC shows ASOS
This is their version of a collar feather piece which they have teamed with a plain vest to add detail.

I love how the light catches all the different colours in these peacock feathers, from green to purple, which are rich expensive jewel tones.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on the cover of Vogue India February 2011 cover in Roksanda Ilincic.

Anna Dello Russo rocking the oversized feathered shoulder jacket, above shown on the catwalk of the  Roskanda Ilincic Spring 2010 show. 

So even though this feather trend may have been around for a year or 2 it still is very glamourous and chic which I hope my cheap, hand made, D.I.Y version can look just as glamourous with some great styling, modelling and photography.