Tuesday, 11 October 2011

First Post

This is my first blog post so I thought I’d show some past work from my first year of my foundation degree at Newcastle college. A favourite project of mine was ‘Futuristic’ where I chose to look at tattoo artwork of bio-mechanics, cogs, nuts and bolts as well as body structure of ribcages. 

Starting off with the initial drawings of these, taking own photographs to draw from analytically which I prefer to do as I can add in the detail and then progressing to different media, inks etc. 
I have created repeats of these, layering them on top and mixing the two opposites, the contrast in bone and metal. Using photoshop to change scale, create a pattern repeat by reflecting and inverting to change it from its white background with white lines to black background and white lines which gave greater impact for the print showing fine lines in detail. This was digitally printed onto cotton fabric.
I chose to stick with the bio-mechanic theme of metal colours when selecting my beads, using different size and shapes which I have randomly embellished onto a panel which is again inspired by a futuristic bug like wing effect. 
The embellishment took hours and hours, I need to find a faster way to do this!