Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Art work

For this current project is based on a trend from WGSN for A/W 12/13 which is called Unearthed. I have therefore began drawing and creating textures through mixed media techniques, using paints, inks, papers, coffee and tea. The first two are very abstract and created onto canvas which will be submitted as work but my mam wants them up in the house. 

On canvas tissue paper, coffee, inks, acrylic paint and emulsion

On canvas, tissue paper, coffee and tea, inks, acrylic paint and emulsion

Mixture of painted texture, drawings and rubbings

Like a volcano erupting

textures created using paper towel, corrugated cardboard and loose tea

Just a little taster into the drawing side of my work and will update through the process  of design development 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Olympic games volunteers uniform

Olympic games volunteers uniform

Sainsburys staff uniform

Dick Dastardly and Mutley

As soon as I saw the release of the Olympic games volunteers uniforms I thought Sainsburys!! They look so similar with the staffs uniforms at this supermarket....or possibly Dick Dastardly and Muttley ??

Spot the difference....

FdA project 'Bloom'

From a project called bloom I had started drawing lillies which I photocopied a wrong hand drawing of a bunch, cut this in half and placed into a pattern which reflected the section. This was exposed on to a screen which I have then printed onto different weights of fabric, overlaying a detail print onto block background. 

Patterns created on photoshop

Created on photoshop

created on photoshop

Print on to card

Print on to card

More fabric samples using screen printing

Screen printing
Screen printed fabric sample

The following shows a series of products of which my print could be placed on to which include fashion and interior products.

High heel and dress design

Dresses with large print
T-shirt, purse, dress and pencil skirt
Playing with placement of print on to garment
Side panels with print
Print would go either side of back zip
Lampshade, bags and vase.

I didn't make any of these products but I'd love to go back and make some of my dress designs.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

National diploma work

So I've just dug out some work from the loft from my national diploma which seems so long ago! I can't really remember the projects so I'm just going to show a few pictures of my work =]

First ever project for National Diploma, bugs, beetles & beasties.

Trend hunter have cleverly sussed that this dress and many others have been inspired by bugs/insects

And it hasn't just been an inspiration in the fashion world, wallpaper by Porters original paint have chosen beetles as a design which can be chosen in different colour ways. 

 This project had a aztec influence which I planned to create print for women's fashion accessories and dresses.

Dress shapes

  Print design on to bags

Heat transfer of print created on photoshop which I have embroidered in to

Dress front where the print was heat transferred onto the fabric then embroidered in to.

Necklaces made to sell for charity, hand made, hand embroidered and embellished

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Science of Sleep

Another past project and a update from a previous post, this project is from last year which I have only just received back as it was kept from archive. This project was based on 3 different films, Life Aquatic, 100% Wool and the The Science of Sleep.

This surreal french film, by Michel Gondry, is about a man that gets caught up between real life and his dreams, I felt most inspired by this film and one in which I could develop my ideas.

I started off with my initial drawing from pictures I have taken of trees and laboratory equipment, these I know are two totally different things however the equipment comes from the science and mathematical side of dreaming where as the trees come from images in the film. I have developed a colour palette from a scene in the film of a pink and orange sky with fluffy clouds, these I have chosen to use throughout my work.

I have looked at symbols and equations as another element to my work which I combined with the trees on photoshop to create patterns.

Observational drawing using charcoal and acrylic to create tone and shade.

Watercolours and a pencils to highlight areas of depth

So from this drawing I went on to develop it into patterns using basic traditional techniques of photocopying and cutting. Using one drawing I have created 4 different patterns from:

Print created on photoshop, printed digitally then sewn into using beads. 

Same method as above

My final outcome which I made a dress using a design I created on photoshop which was then digitally printed on to a thick satin, this was gathered in under the bust which the choice of fabric helped it drape nicely. The top half of the dress was hand sewn using a selection of beads bought at a local shop called Rosarama Beadcraft which is floor to ceiling in beads! It's great for anyone who loves beading, embroidery and jewellery making.

Should have ironed this before taking a photograph...but it has been in storage for 4 months.