Wednesday, 9 November 2011

continue for first project

So from the last post I developed my initial drawings into these design, started experimenting with colour ways, fabrics and print techniques until satisfied.

Which then led to my final cushion design, I used wool delaine dying it using a mixture of procine black and procine charcoal for my colour. Although this final cushion print was not how I had originally planned to be as my screen was blocked and after washing and realising I could not get a clean, crisp image I decided to work with this and began to scrub away my design and used a pressure washer to make it blurred and distorted. This plays on the effect of a aged design and quite 'All Saints' style. I do prefer my final cushion to what it could of been, it has more interest in the detailing.

Below are some looks of which the cushion would suit a modern interior setting, complimenting the grey tones with white and metal.