Wednesday, 23 November 2011

FdA project 'Bloom'

From a project called bloom I had started drawing lillies which I photocopied a wrong hand drawing of a bunch, cut this in half and placed into a pattern which reflected the section. This was exposed on to a screen which I have then printed onto different weights of fabric, overlaying a detail print onto block background. 

Patterns created on photoshop

Created on photoshop

created on photoshop

Print on to card

Print on to card

More fabric samples using screen printing

Screen printing
Screen printed fabric sample

The following shows a series of products of which my print could be placed on to which include fashion and interior products.

High heel and dress design

Dresses with large print
T-shirt, purse, dress and pencil skirt
Playing with placement of print on to garment
Side panels with print
Print would go either side of back zip
Lampshade, bags and vase.

I didn't make any of these products but I'd love to go back and make some of my dress designs.