Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Science of Sleep

Another past project and a update from a previous post, this project is from last year which I have only just received back as it was kept from archive. This project was based on 3 different films, Life Aquatic, 100% Wool and the The Science of Sleep.

This surreal french film, by Michel Gondry, is about a man that gets caught up between real life and his dreams, I felt most inspired by this film and one in which I could develop my ideas.

I started off with my initial drawing from pictures I have taken of trees and laboratory equipment, these I know are two totally different things however the equipment comes from the science and mathematical side of dreaming where as the trees come from images in the film. I have developed a colour palette from a scene in the film of a pink and orange sky with fluffy clouds, these I have chosen to use throughout my work.

I have looked at symbols and equations as another element to my work which I combined with the trees on photoshop to create patterns.

Observational drawing using charcoal and acrylic to create tone and shade.

Watercolours and a pencils to highlight areas of depth

So from this drawing I went on to develop it into patterns using basic traditional techniques of photocopying and cutting. Using one drawing I have created 4 different patterns from:

Print created on photoshop, printed digitally then sewn into using beads. 

Same method as above

My final outcome which I made a dress using a design I created on photoshop which was then digitally printed on to a thick satin, this was gathered in under the bust which the choice of fabric helped it drape nicely. The top half of the dress was hand sewn using a selection of beads bought at a local shop called Rosarama Beadcraft which is floor to ceiling in beads! It's great for anyone who loves beading, embroidery and jewellery making.

Should have ironed this before taking a photograph...but it has been in storage for 4 months.