Thursday, 15 December 2011


Wether its recycled, reclaimed, trashion, garbage couture or just being thrifty to you then heres some examples to get you thinking....

Barcode bag anyone? this is taken from a great website that features a lot of recycled accessories. 
Click the link

A domino in disguise, can you believe this was once a domino? Well PAPERMOONDESIGNS on etsy has managed to create a range of these beautiful necklace pendants. 

I was once on your pool table

These rings are awesome, you can chose your own number and they are carved to your ring size. Perfect! 

These are the sweetest things, recycled spoons 

I could do this all day! You can find a article of 35 accessories made from recycled materials at The gloss

Also check out great green goods which features loads of recycled quirky jewellery, etsy for more handmade jewellery, accessories and art.