Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Quite a few celebrities have Instagram , the likes of Kim Kardashian, Coco Rocha, Megan Fox... to name a few.
And Coco Rocha put up pictures from her modelling travels all over the world. From Paris to New York, I'm so jealous! She takes brilliant photographs and shows backstage photos and shows.

So I joined them in taking pictures, obviously my life isn't quite as exciting as Coco Rocha's but I try to take pictures of either I've found pretty, inspirational, arty or just random things which you can change them up a bit with their current 18 different filters, making them look even better and more professional.

I take all my pictures for Instagram on my iPhone 4S, it's a free app and you can link the pictures up with your Facebook, twitter and tumblr. Simple and easy.


It's photo sharing, reinvented.

Here's some of my photographs on my Instagram

Scarab Beetle ring and chain
Coffee at Flat Caps 
Fossil watch

Flat Caps Coffee - Newcastle 


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

Without meaning to yesterday I ended up visiting Sunderland's museum and winter gardens, it made it quite a productive day. 
Some photographs....

Monday, 5 March 2012

More images from Jean Paul Gaultier shoot

 Tahera Begum

Jean Paul Gaultier shoot with Tahera Begum

My most recent shoot was with the wonderful Tahera Begum who's shoot was inspired by the look of Jean Paul Gaultier. A very masculine shoot full of tailoring and bow ties. Photography, hair, make-up, wardrobe and styling all done by Tahera.....she is one talented lady.
Here's just a few from the shoot.

* All images copyright of Tahera Begum 


Thought I'd show you my work from years ago!! Back doing my GCSE'S!! 
The utility in my house is like a gallery of my work, bless my Mam.
Feeling a bit vain now painting myself....but I'm sure one of the questions/ topic briefs was self portrait. 
I guess I mustn't of liked the other topics.....
So for some reason I have wrote "READ MY LIPS" across my lips, can't remember the reason for this though!?
For my final GCSE exam I created clay shoes that I one day might dig out from the loft to share a laugh with you. 

Positive, Negative invert on cavas

Larger painting from exam

This wasn't from my exam but was from the school days. 3D bow on shoe painting

Final Major Project

This is my last project of FdA and with double the time and double the credits but even though I will be topping up next year to a BA I want to see this as my final collection that is refined in what I want to do and be as a textiles designer. My focus is and always has been fashion, wether it's print, embroidery or embellishment I want to combine all elements into a unique design collection.

Initial research started off on a trip Paris for Indigo / Premier Vision, looking at all the decorative forms in their architecture around this beautiful city. I must of looked like a real tourist with my camera around my neck constantly taking pictures of random buildings, balconies, doors, fences, picture frames....you name it....I snapped it.

Keep an eye out for updates in my progression with this project