Monday, 3 September 2012

DIY bleach jeans

This is my first attempt of bleaching some jeans, after being inspired by blotchy bleached jeans from Isabel Marant I decided to do some DIY on a pair of my own.

You will need:
Rubber bands

Take your jeans and wrap the rubber bands in a desired pattern, I am going
to try lines of rubber bands creating a more dense detailed section around the knee caps and avoiding crotch area all together and just bleach this out slightly for a ombré effect.

I've added about 500ml of water and about 150ml of bleach

Dip the jeans in, they may only partially fit in and only one side is alsubmerged but that's ok just flip then over as I check on them.

I checked on them every half hour turning them over after and hour and a half I rung them out and places the other half in.

I found that the other side has absorbed a lot of the liquid so you may want to top it up with water a bleach.

I've left this end in for 30 minutes flipping them after 15.

If you want your jeans to be the same colour all over and not have this ombré effect then leave in until the colour matches.

Take then out and rinse, cut off all rubber bands and rinse again.
After that you want to put them in the wash with no soap, detergent, powders, liquids... Anything. Just

I like the way they've turned out with strips of detail from the rubber bands. I'm thinking about distressing them so keep an eye out for that post.