Friday, 19 October 2012

Tim Walker exhibition "Story Teller"

British fashion photographer Tim Walker opened his Story Teller exhibition yesterday at Somerset House. With model and icon Kate Moss attending the Mulberry supported exhibition alongside Cara Delevingne and Portia Freeman.

From the opening night




the man himself

Some of my favourite photographs

From the exhibition

Tim Walker is inspirational to anyone in the industry, his work has featured in British and Italian Vogue for over a decade as well as featuring in W and Harpers Bazaar. His work has a romantic soft feel which sometimes contrasts with a dark beauty. As well as being playful with giant oversized objects, anything from a doll to a watering can.  Locations of countryside and large stately homes give him room to play about with the set and that is shown in his photography as well as in the exhibition. Showcasing some of the oversized items from his sets, the crashed aeroplane, white swan, broken egg and spoon and many more.

I just have to visit!

Images courtesy of
The Telegraph