Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Design process

So although I have finished my degree in textiles and surface design(i got a 2:1 btw) for a few months now I did find some of my designs from my final major project that has got me thinking that I have kind of given up on designing and lost my determination as to what goals I set myself in my final year of my degree. I really need to get back in to the swing of things; researching, drawing and working on photoshop. In general just being creative. my mind is always buzzing about ideas but maybes they have been lost in the lack of money that I have, I know I enjoy my job at Ossie Clark but realistically I am a designer and my vision was, is and always has been: to set up my own label. I can't forget this dream.... and I am determined to succeed.
Love, passion, determination and hard work = The Dream

Anyways heres a little design process from drawing, which was just a quick pen and ink of a butterfly which I manipulated in photoshop to create a repeat. And also an example of the type of garment I would imagine it to appear on, I think it really sits well on a playsuit and I have also done a little styling moodboard of accessories to compliment this outfit.

Statement necklace for jewellery, white heels with gold ankle cuff (love!) 
and white laser cut bag 

Perfect summer holiday outfit 

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