Monday, 12 August 2013

Ossie Clark

Thought I'd share with you all that I know work for Ossie Clark as visual consultant. I am in charge of all merchandising, stock replenishment, figures, store feedback and in general running the concession. It is so much fun being more involved and having the freedom to be creative with styling and merchandising the shop floor. I am a very independent person so this suits me to a T!
Ossie Clark re-launced this year and I am pleased to be apart of something that has potential to expand and grow, hopefully becoming a big named brand once again.

Ossie Clark is a legend in the fashion world, he was the leader of bringing tailoring to womenswear. Pushing the boundaries which influenced some of the greats, the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Anna Sui and Tom Ford were just a few to follow suit.

He was dubbed the 'King of the Kings Road' creating curve creating clothing, he was a master cutter and created; floaty, sexy, romantic clothing.

To present day the stock still has this flair and some original designs have been recycled and brought to modern day. These 'Vintage' pieces are works of art, great fabrics and great cuts.

Celebrity fans and followers include; Nicole Sherzinger, Emma Watson, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss

vintage Ossie

Vintage Ossie

Nicole wears current Ossie Clark product 
 images courtesy of google images