Sunday, 27 October 2013


Yesterday I took part in a new fitness class at my local leisure centre called Hiit, standing for high intensity interval training.

Now although I enjoyed the class it wasn't quite as I expected. Doing exercises like squat burpees yes felt effective but involving an almost salsa twisting dance into that just is not the high intensity interval training I was expecting.
I am still aching almost 4 days later though, forearms from weighted exercises like punching techniques and bicep curls.

These minute intervals in a half an hour class I thought would be more intense cardio based like a Metafit class I have done before but disappointedly it was not. I will not be returning to this certain one at my local leisure centre but am willing to give other classes a go like circuits and boxercise as I need to mix my cardio up a bit, the gym can get so boring!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Lunch and dinner

My healthy meals yesterday, still keeping carbs in as I am working out but it is brown spaghetti so better for me 

Pasta prawn chilli tomato sauce and courgettes for dinner 

Mixed leaves salad, lettuce and baby spinach, celery and boiled eggs with a squeeze of lemon on top 
For lunch 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

How to collagraph print

Collagraph printing

This is a basic technique made by printing from a plate constructed on either mountboard or very thin plywood and glueing on materials to form a relief. The texture is then built up to create a stamp by collage using a variety of mediums such as sand paper, cardboard, string, fabric, masking tape. Anything that creates texture like corrugated paper, straws and twigs. Using Gesso to create a variety of brush stroke and paint-like textures and also to be careful of materials that are sharp as they will rip paper. 

Once the collage is created and the glue is dry, the materials need to be sealed from the ink by using a gloss or varnish to protect it which is then left to dry.

Apply ink to the collage, however you must work quickly because the water-based ink dries very quickly. Apply the ink either by: rolling ink out until it is all covered and even or by dabbing the ink into sections this will work well if you are wanting multiple colours in the print or you can over print using same technique. 
  Carefully lay paper over the inked surface, using good quality paper for best results and rub over the top using a baren in circular motions, making sure pressure is firm and all areas are covered.  Pull paper off carefully and set aside to allow ink to dry, ink must be cleaned off with soap and water as soon as possible. 


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fresh start....

I feel like a fresh start to this whole blogging malarky and with myself, maybes take it more serious and write posts that you people want to read! So expect fashion, beauty, fitness, diet, recipes and tips.

I'm very in to my fitness at the moment, joining the gym and trying to eat more healthily, although I have had the sneaky choc biscuit with a cuppa but it just seems rude not to with tea! So I may track my progress in writing for all you beautiful people to see. Eek! It means though that I am going to have to stick to my word once I publish this so thats good motivation to stick at it.
That is one hard thing about any life style change, when eating healthy why is it that all you want and crave is that chocolate cake!? Mmmm

I must say I will not deprive myself of food, this isn't going to be some crazy diet, just healthy eating, my aim is to tone up and get fit.

And so.... let the fun and games begin.... WISH ME LUCK

For more photos and progression follow me on Instagram - SHONAGHMARIE

Sunday, 20 October 2013

H&M collaboration with Isabel Marant

Excited, not long now until its on sale! November 14th
Heres what to expect, leaked photos courtesy of Vogue.

Isabel Marant For H&M

"echo Marant's Parisian bohemian aesthetic perfectly. An embellished trophy jacket is worn with leather cropped trousers; a loose peasant top with printed jeans; and mannish outerwear with white trousers and slouchy boots with fringed detailing."

Friday, 18 October 2013

How to lino print

Lino printing 

You need to start off with the right equipment for this, a bench hook which helps prevent lino from slipping this has two lips on the bench hook, one to hold lino in place and one to hold bench hook on table top. A proper lino cutting tool which usually has a seperate handle and a selection of blades.
 Also for the inking process is needed printing inks, a block and a roller.

   This is a block printing technique, it is quite a simple process and is widely used to introduce people into printmaking. Firstly a design is chosen which this would then have to be mirror imaged using tracing paper or a freehand sketch can be drawn straight onto the lino block. Areas of the design are then carved out from the lino where the raised parts are printed. 

At this point the lino block is inked up using a roller which can be printed onto paper or fabric however the lino does not take the ink properly so by using sandpaper it makes the surface rougher and it takes the ink better for printing. You can print using more then one colour and can carve out other sections creating layers. More experienced and professional sometimes use a printing press. This is a simple one however you can get larger heavy duty ones as well.

Lino art


Monday, 14 October 2013

Shoot ideas

I love black and white photography and the 60s glamour, think Bridgette Bardot and Guess campaigns.
Here I have a collection of imagery that I have collated for inspiration, a shoot I would like to do in the near future.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Textiles glossary

Words to describe textiles work or portfolio, the appearance and presentation of your work, layout, descriptive words of your style, elements and materials.


Professional – the work is highly skilled.
Thorough – in depth, exact
Organised – arranged, put together in a system
Considered – well thought over
Ordered – arranged well
Selective – careful
Thoughtful – caring, mindful
Methodical – precise, following a pattern
Fluent – clear, makes sense
Visually stimulating – exciting to look at
Visually creative – looks original, artistic, different
Coherent – is understandable


Aesthetic – the way it looks
Effective – works well
Creative – artistic, imaginative
Innovative – breaking new ground
Independent – on your own
Lively – full of energy
Logical – makes sense
Well researched – a lot of background work
Perceptive – shows a lot of insight
Evocative – suggests something
Powerful – strong
Personal – individual, reflecting the person who made it
Informed - full of knowledge
Exploits – takes advantage of
Conceptual – abstract, fantasy
Technical – factory made
Experimental – testing out new idea 
Opulent – rich, luxurious
Provocative – disturbing, aggressive
Seductive – appealing, drawing attention to, sexual
Inventive – new idea
Contemporary – modern
Poignant – sad
Well balanced – goes together well
Disparate – at odds, different, contrasting
Atmospheric – creates a mood
Traditional – old
Classical – simple, elegant, old
Timeless – always looks good, dateless
Sublime – magnificent, great

Surreal – strange
Complex – difficult
Simplistic – easy


Neutral - flat, dull colours, white, vanilla, beige
Subdued – kept under control, quiet
Opulent – rich, luxurious
Opaque – not transparent or transmitting light, thick, cloudy
Transparent – see through
Translucent – clear, light passes through
Subtle – quiet, delicate
Rich – full, deluxe, warm colours
Cool – cold colours
Acidic – harsh
Vivid – intense, powerful
Fluorescent – very bright
Earthy – natural colours, greens, browns, like earth
Metallic – like metal
Pearlescent - pearly
Iridescent – rainbow coloured


Broken – with gaps
Scratchy – harsh
Regimented – controlled, with order
Undulating – rise and fall
Rhythmic – has a pattern
Expressive – says a lot, different
Linear – in straight line
Squiggly – not straight
Curvaceous – lots of curves, feminine
Intersecting – crosses over
Parallel – running side by side
Regular/Irregular –
Delicate – light, small
Tenuous – weak, thin
Bold - strong
Meandering - bending, wandering, zig zagging

Coarse – rough
Hairy – full of hair
Fluffy – full of fluff
Smooth – no bumps
Silky – like silk
Slippery – wet, very smooth
Plush – rich, luxurious
Sticky – gummy
Bubbly – fizzy, full of bubbles
Sandy – gritty
Grainy – coarse, rough
Dry – not wet
Wet – not dry
Layered – one on top of another
Uneven – not symmetrical, not the same
Crackled – 
Cracked - dry
Scaly – rough
Porous – has holes, allows water through
Spongy – like sponge
Soft – not hard
Hand woven – weaved by hand
Knitted – made with wool


Silhouette – outline
A-symmetrical – not the same on both sides, not portioned or equal
Symmetrical – equal, proportioned
Coarse – rough
Obtuse – blunt, not sharp
Linear – even, continuous
Blocked – cubed
Repetitive – in a pattern
Geometrical – mathematical, numbers
Overlapping – lie over something else
Elongated – made longer
Distorted – crooked, changed, deformed
Contorted – bended, curved, disfigured
Contrasting – different, dissimilar
Spherical – round, like a globe
Orb like – spherical
Metamorphic – altered, changed


Textured – the way it is put together
Malleable – able to change
Sturdy – strong
Flat – not raised
Interlocking – connected, linked
Metallic – like metal
Veneered – cover, overlay
Wiry – like wire
Sculpted – made from clay
Pleated – platted
Biodegradable – will break down, rot
Embroidered – fancy stitching

Examples of natural materials – wood, slate, chalk, lead, graphite, coal, sandstone, limestone, quartz, coral, peat, resin, oil, clay, wool, cotton, silk, linen, suede, leather, cashmere

Example of man made materials – PVC, laminate, acrylic, nylon, viscose, lycra, polyester, elastane, neoprene,

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bloody Mary Metal

I was lucky enough to be apart of such a creative team in modelling for BloodyMaryMetal, a Cornwall based company where hand made jewellery is made.

The Dream Weavers collection is mystical and witchy as captured throughout the shoot.

"Bloody Mary Metal is born from the darker side of life. It romanticises macabre shapes to create enchanting and tactile jewellery. Inspiration lays in taboos and the unusual, punk rock and heavy metal, the dead and the undead, and in the natural and often-missed beauty that ebbs and flows from our past, our roots."

Photographer - Grace Isobel
Makeup - Laura Angel
Hair - Maddi Young
Shoot Assistant - Jade Lorren

Just realise is the Autumn Winter 2013 lookbook, go check it out.