Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fresh start....

I feel like a fresh start to this whole blogging malarky and with myself, maybes take it more serious and write posts that you people want to read! So expect fashion, beauty, fitness, diet, recipes and tips.

I'm very in to my fitness at the moment, joining the gym and trying to eat more healthily, although I have had the sneaky choc biscuit with a cuppa but it just seems rude not to with tea! So I may track my progress in writing for all you beautiful people to see. Eek! It means though that I am going to have to stick to my word once I publish this so thats good motivation to stick at it.
That is one hard thing about any life style change, when eating healthy why is it that all you want and crave is that chocolate cake!? Mmmm

I must say I will not deprive myself of food, this isn't going to be some crazy diet, just healthy eating, my aim is to tone up and get fit.

And so.... let the fun and games begin.... WISH ME LUCK

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