Sunday, 27 October 2013


Yesterday I took part in a new fitness class at my local leisure centre called Hiit, standing for high intensity interval training.

Now although I enjoyed the class it wasn't quite as I expected. Doing exercises like squat burpees yes felt effective but involving an almost salsa twisting dance into that just is not the high intensity interval training I was expecting.
I am still aching almost 4 days later though, forearms from weighted exercises like punching techniques and bicep curls.

These minute intervals in a half an hour class I thought would be more intense cardio based like a Metafit class I have done before but disappointedly it was not. I will not be returning to this certain one at my local leisure centre but am willing to give other classes a go like circuits and boxercise as I need to mix my cardio up a bit, the gym can get so boring!