Thursday, 24 October 2013

How to collagraph print

Collagraph printing

This is a basic technique made by printing from a plate constructed on either mountboard or very thin plywood and glueing on materials to form a relief. The texture is then built up to create a stamp by collage using a variety of mediums such as sand paper, cardboard, string, fabric, masking tape. Anything that creates texture like corrugated paper, straws and twigs. Using Gesso to create a variety of brush stroke and paint-like textures and also to be careful of materials that are sharp as they will rip paper. 

Once the collage is created and the glue is dry, the materials need to be sealed from the ink by using a gloss or varnish to protect it which is then left to dry.

Apply ink to the collage, however you must work quickly because the water-based ink dries very quickly. Apply the ink either by: rolling ink out until it is all covered and even or by dabbing the ink into sections this will work well if you are wanting multiple colours in the print or you can over print using same technique. 
  Carefully lay paper over the inked surface, using good quality paper for best results and rub over the top using a baren in circular motions, making sure pressure is firm and all areas are covered.  Pull paper off carefully and set aside to allow ink to dry, ink must be cleaned off with soap and water as soon as possible.