Friday, 18 October 2013

How to lino print

Lino printing 

You need to start off with the right equipment for this, a bench hook which helps prevent lino from slipping this has two lips on the bench hook, one to hold lino in place and one to hold bench hook on table top. A proper lino cutting tool which usually has a seperate handle and a selection of blades.
 Also for the inking process is needed printing inks, a block and a roller.

   This is a block printing technique, it is quite a simple process and is widely used to introduce people into printmaking. Firstly a design is chosen which this would then have to be mirror imaged using tracing paper or a freehand sketch can be drawn straight onto the lino block. Areas of the design are then carved out from the lino where the raised parts are printed. 

At this point the lino block is inked up using a roller which can be printed onto paper or fabric however the lino does not take the ink properly so by using sandpaper it makes the surface rougher and it takes the ink better for printing. You can print using more then one colour and can carve out other sections creating layers. More experienced and professional sometimes use a printing press. This is a simple one however you can get larger heavy duty ones as well.

Lino art