Thursday, 28 November 2013


 So tomorrows the day I am supposed to officially graduate from Cleveland College of Art and Design, although college finished back in June so I already feel like I well and truly graduated a long time ago. However I will not be attending, for one the cost of it, the hiring of the gown, getting there is a trek for me and two I would of had no family support anyways as they work and I could never of asked them to take the day off as my mam and dad are self employed. So how sad would that of been, being surrounded by my fellow classmates as they celebrated with their families and then little old me tagging along, adopting myself to a friends family.
But hey ho, as long as I get my certificate eventually. Good luck to everyone tomorrow hope its a wonderful day.

Monday, 25 November 2013

My work station

A little look at my work desk and what I use.

MacBook laptop- in need of an upgrade to something with a larger screen! This laptop had been brilliant its 5 years old now and never had any technical problem. The only issue has been the plastic cracking away around screen and on keyboard. 

I have been using the Wacom intuos 5 touch for a year now. Great graphics tablet, compact size, sleek look. 

Vertabim 500gb external hard drive, ideal for storing all my photoshop designs on! 

I have been using a basic SLR camera for all my research, great photos on auto focus which is what I usually have it on when taking quick snaps. I use the Canon eos 1000d.

My printer, scanner, copier, fax machine prints and copies A3!!! Love this thing, with slots for USB, memory cards etc makes it quick and easy to print off photos and its wireless!! 

And that's all. My everyday essentials for designing :) 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

River island

If your struggling on how to dress this autumn winter take a look at River Island as I'm loving their pastel pieces this season, it gives a refreshing look to dressing this autumn winter and with the added silver Metallica just makes it all the more Christmassy :) 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Research for new designs

So, yesterday I went out in the bitter cold to do some research for new designs. I have been looking at natures natural colours, textures and how they already have pattern within them. It was nice to get out with the camera and be productive because since leaving college it has been a struggle to get motivated to do any project. This was it then, my new brief that I have set myself and I don't know why I've put it off for so long. I love designing and creating new prints and can sit for hours on photoshop bashing out design after design but then I do get that feeling that I'm just doing this for no reason. I'm not working freelance so at the moment these designs are going into my personal archive in the hope that one day they will be used for my own company.

 Initial research, keep a look out for new designs to be posted soon


So a month back me and a friend took up yoga. For someone who has never done anything along the lines of Yoga or Pilates I was a bit sceptical. I've always been someone who, when I work out does a lot of cardio, wether it's going out for a run, going to the gym or doing a class like boxercise or circuits. Yoga has never appealed to me, it has never seemed like exercise. It's just a load of 
stretching, right? Oh how I was wrong.

I have come to realise how weak I am, trying to hold poses and not being able to hold up my own body weight, erm wake up call. I may be some what fit in cardiovascular sense but flexibility and strength, no way. 
The woman that takes the class is 60 and puts me to shame when I can't even touch my toes and here's her, legs wrapped round her head! 

I do hope to keep this up even at home as it will help my strength, flexibility and hopefully tone. I have been practicing the salute to the sun sequence as gentle stretching as you have to ease yourself into this and it really helps your breathing technique. 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Victoria Beckham

She's having a major shoe clear out in aid to raise money for the British Red Cross! 
On sale tomorrow 

Naked 3 palette

Is now on sale! 
I love the urban decay naked palettes 
I have the first one, the second one was a little too similar to the first so I didn't get it but this third one is totally different.
I use mine more for special occasions, like night time do's, there pigments are great and shadows glide on smoothly. 
With lighter shades and tones they are beautiful for everyday to night time looks
 And of course in its beautifully packaged tin

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Lulu Liu

I stumbled upon this designer a year back on Twitter when she was scouting for models, although I couldn't make it down to London for the casting. Boooo! She is still on my fashion radar, with her SS14 collection showcasing beautiful and crisp whites, details of bold hand painted designs and attention to detail in cut and finish.
She is a one to watch in the industry.

For AW13 LULU LIU continues a romantic design aesthetic, combining unique surrealist, floral printed patterns, with an emphasis on elegant lines. Clean cutting methods, along with the use of superior fabrics such as pure wool and lambskin leather in striking hues of metallic blue, vibrant red and soft beige, have hit all the right chords with LULU LIU followers.

Furthermore, LULU concentrated on print, simple lines, and a bold colour palette, in order to achieve a complex focus of each garment.

Acrylic nails

This is the third time I have ever getting my nails done, only the simple reason was before while studying I was so hands on that they would of been ruin plus back then I just was not bothered.
But now that my job is all above presentation and representing the brand I feel that this little treat is a requirement to my job and hey, it's a little pamper time. 

My first experience of acrylic nails was before my holiday this year and was at one of those organised pamper parties which I'd recommend anyone to do, get the girls round, few drinks and nibbles and it's a great night in. I loved my nails done there and chose not to get a colour on my nails and kept them short and natural. 
This time when I had then done I went to a place in the metrocentre where you see them all with their little masks on beavering away and I hate the antisocial experience, so un personal and boring. Zzzz never the less I am pleased with my nails just not the customer service where I was interrupted at least 3 times and left sitting by myself with no apology.

Here's a snap of my nails, nude square tip rounded off slightly 

Winter Style

Chic winter dressing comes in the form of a fur gilet belted over a polo neck, leather trousers, ankle boots and floppy hat. But thats just my opinion.
Think 70's bohemian with a tougher edge, Olivia Palermo and Millie Mackintosh and you'll be there.


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Fake tan fail

So after losing my Dominican tan I was feeling rather pasty so rather than going on sunbeds I resorted to some fake tan, a one a got a while back, free either in Elle or Vogue. It's called Rodial Brazilian tan in dark. Applied a layer using a mitt all over my body and neck, leaving face as it is sensitive and prone to breakouts. 
This tan says it gives an instant rich tan which yes it gave a hint of colour on application which then developed further, it also claims to give a streak-proof result that dries quickly and evenly without blocking pores.
Now this is one thing that was really good, how quickly it dried and was able to put clothing on within minutes. However the next day I had a major rash on either side of my neck which I have never experienced from a tan before, these were red raised spots and a large cluster of them. It looks like a shaving rash and now 4 days later it's still present and that stuff is going in the bin. 

Monday, 11 November 2013

EMA's 2013 - Amsterdam

Miley Cyrus causing a stir once again, lighting…something on stage as she collected her award.  As if her outfit didn't bring enough attention, the cut in the leotard is enough to slice her in two!

Rita Ora's armpits grabbed the attention of the paps on the red carpet with her unshaven pits…

Nevertheless she looked effortlessly gorgeous in a black stroppy dress and thigh high split. I am in love with her white blonde bob and red lips. Perfect combo.

Iggy Azalea showed a little more than the paps wanted on her red carpet presence. The risqué dress slipped out of place which didn't seem to faze her too much as she rearranged herself…..

(photos courtesy of Yahoo)

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Floor moves at Ossie Clark

Some pictures of visual merchandising/ styling I have created on my floor at work.

We have some amazing party dresses in store just in time for the ultimately glamorous season of christmas. Dress to impress people in some showstoppers and the best thing about Ossie Clark, is that we aren't that well known, only the savvy and stylish know about us which means the chances of that embarrassing moment you turn up to the christmas party in the same dress as someone else! shocking!! but it will be slim to non is Ossie.
Make sure that doesn't happen to you and make sure your collegues are talking about you for all the right reasons.

Also last week we featured in the Metrocentre's autumn winter fashion show which featured other brands such as Topshop, Next and Primark for your big high street names.