Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Acrylic nails

This is the third time I have ever getting my nails done, only the simple reason was before while studying I was so hands on that they would of been ruin plus back then I just was not bothered.
But now that my job is all above presentation and representing the brand I feel that this little treat is a requirement to my job and hey, it's a little pamper time. 

My first experience of acrylic nails was before my holiday this year and was at one of those organised pamper parties which I'd recommend anyone to do, get the girls round, few drinks and nibbles and it's a great night in. I loved my nails done there and chose not to get a colour on my nails and kept them short and natural. 
This time when I had then done I went to a place in the metrocentre where you see them all with their little masks on beavering away and I hate the antisocial experience, so un personal and boring. Zzzz never the less I am pleased with my nails just not the customer service where I was interrupted at least 3 times and left sitting by myself with no apology.

Here's a snap of my nails, nude square tip rounded off slightly