Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Fake tan fail

So after losing my Dominican tan I was feeling rather pasty so rather than going on sunbeds I resorted to some fake tan, a one a got a while back, free either in Elle or Vogue. It's called Rodial Brazilian tan in dark. Applied a layer using a mitt all over my body and neck, leaving face as it is sensitive and prone to breakouts. 
This tan says it gives an instant rich tan which yes it gave a hint of colour on application which then developed further, it also claims to give a streak-proof result that dries quickly and evenly without blocking pores.
Now this is one thing that was really good, how quickly it dried and was able to put clothing on within minutes. However the next day I had a major rash on either side of my neck which I have never experienced from a tan before, these were red raised spots and a large cluster of them. It looks like a shaving rash and now 4 days later it's still present and that stuff is going in the bin.