Sunday, 14 December 2014

New fabric designs

Recent designs I got printed through Lacuna Press on silk fabric this allows me to do any adjustments with colour and scale and to work a collection together.
Really happy with the results

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

I'm back designing

I missed designing too much, maybe have been a little distracted with life changes; moving house, new job, new boobs etc. but when somethings your passion then your always going to want to do it and designing is something I want to do for the rest of my life. I can easily sit on photoshop all day creating prints. Some new designs I have created I am currently getting printed on to silk and I can't wait to see them! They are just sample size as I want to see colour and scale and how they look on the fabric.

Hopefully they come this week!!

Sunday, 29 June 2014


I found this image on Pinterest, a pair of baggy oversized ripped jeans: these bad boys
Heres some more images of inspiration and outfits with the baggy jeans if you weren't sure how to style them.

I am now on the hunt for some of these, either mom jeans I can customise or boyfriend jeans, rip and tear them using a seam ripper, scissors and a grater is the plan.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

On to some better news.....

I've started drawing again!!!
After a while out of practice I had a rare inspirational moment and went with it. Out with my SLR canon camera I walked along by the riverside, picking up flowers and leaves and photography anything that caught my eye. Wether it was texture, detail, flowers, leaves, trees, water etc. I snapped it because I know I can really do with some new imagery to work on photoshop with and after losing everything on my external hard drive!!!!!! maybes that was a sign to start a fresh with some new ideas, concepts and designs.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Using an external hard drive

I have been using one of these for at least 5 years, so lets imagine my panic when, out of the blue, it doesn't work when connecting it to my laptop!! 5 years worth of designs on this and I have no idea why it isn't working!! Help!
I am using Vertbatim 500gb external hard drive and it has been serving me well, I have no previous hick-ups with it so if it can't be fixed.... I'm screwed.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Indigo Paris 2012

Andreea Mandrescu

The three dimensional rubber designs, similar to flock printing, can be inlaid with a variety of materials such as leather, veneers, fabrics, embroidery etc. The rubber can be in thinner or thicker layers, transparent or matt and done in any color, including gold, copper and silver. The pieces can be made to fit any pattern garment and they can be applied onto silks, wool, lycra, cotton, suede etc.

List of fashion magazines

Want to get your work published? Or need a list of the fashion magazines in the world to refer to for inspiration, here's a great list of fashion magazines on this blog. What a great idea.

These might not be them all but it's a fair few

Saturday, 3 May 2014

I got a puppy!!!

I rescued this pup from a house in middlesborough, underweight and a little worse for wear. I've had him 2 weeks now and he is a changed little pooch with lots of personality and energy. I have never had a pet before so this is all a learning curve for me but I am in love with him.

Meet Rex, a german shepard x staffy 9 weeks old :)

Saturday, 5 April 2014

New purchases

So I have been really good so far this year and saving! But I relapsed and went a bit mad this last week or 2. So to take the guilt off I'll share my lovely purchases with you so you can see for yourself that it was money well spent. (Convincing myself here)

Firstly with some new makeup. Now I was in desperate need of a new foundation and was going to try something new but returned to an old favourite by the French brand Vichy and their derma blend fluid corrective foundation 16hr in 25 nude as I have been putting tan on so this colour is a good match for my skin at the moment. I love this as it is great coverage and lasts all day! 
Next is a primer which I've never use myself on a daily basis, I have obviously had it put on me for shoots etc. where they would use mac or illamasqua so I've gone for a cheap alternative just to try it out, see if it makes any difference to my application. Well I can say it makes my sling feel velvety soft but for actually smoothing the base this one doesn't do it for me, it was the collection primed and ready smoothing makeup primer. 
Another item was the collection lasting perfection concealer 16hr wear and this stuff is so thick it has great coverage especially for my under eye bags and I have also been using it to highlight too so I really love this product. 
Now I have to say I have a lipstick obsession and ended up buying another, this is from collection again. A lovely light pink colour it is super creamy and moisturising which is great for this time of year when it is still cold. This is collection deluxe in 02 called tallulah. In love, just need to get the other colours now!! 
This next purchase wasn't exactly something I thought I needed but it is the La Roche - Posay effaclar duo, a corrective unclogging care anti-imperfections anti- marks face cream and vows to clear skin or get your money back. It is a best seller for this company and is a new and improved version of this so I hope this reduces any redness I have from previous acne and prevents any red marks from spots I get.
I'll let you know how this one go's because it is still in the early days of seeing any difference. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

PNE business course

Last week was my first week of the 8 week business course with PNE, can't really give too much feedback on it so far as most of the sessions was ice breaker type tasks, some random SOCK one that I had never done before but was something different. So yeah I have decided that after graduating over a year a go I just don't see myself doing anything else, designing is what I am meant to do and with a lot of determination I'm sure I will be successful whatever I do. Fingers crossed.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Productive day

Had such a good day today designing new prints. I have had the whole day off so have been really focused on getting some good work done. Starting out with a few paintings and drawings in mixed media, then moved on to scan these in to my mac and played about for hours on photoshop.
I could literally sit here all day and churn out design after design, I just wish this was my full time job. Anyways I can only dream that one day it will be and fingers crossed it being my own company I'm working for. =]

Monday, 27 January 2014

Beyonce at the Grammys 2014

Wow! Is all i can say really, wearing a white lace dress by Michael Costello she was truly the best dressed last night. Cropped sombre hair and a red lip, perfection. She isn't called Queen B for nothing.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Chanel SS14 Haute Couture in Paris

It seemed to be all about the waist and trainers in the show yesterday.
Model of the moment, Cara Delevigne in wedding style dress and her cute little assistant to carry her train, finishing the look with trainers…..

Wasp waists, boxy cropped jackets, in neutral tones with the odd pop of colour. Silver knee and elbow pads and bum bags, whats came over Lagerfeld this season? 

Saturday, 18 January 2014


Heres my picks from Missguided's sale. A nude maxi dress with thigh high split and long sleeves, perfect for a chic evening look, team with a chunky necklace. I'd wear the strappy crop top with high waisted jeans or leather pants for nighttime. Love a bit of velvet, maybes more of christmas time fabric but nonetheless this bandage cross over crop top is super cute with a high waisted pencil or baggy mom jeans. In the same fabric is the wrap over velvet skirt, now it looks really short so could be a bit risqué so you could wear this with tights. Anyways for under a £10 you can't complain.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Workout gear

Everyone wants to look good and for the more fashion conscious this even includes when they work out, so heres my pick of the best looking work out, running, activewear thats out there. What to wear when working out….

Starting with Victoria Secret, they have great colour and prints combos as well as guaranteed support. I mean it does help if your angel Candice Swanpoel or Doutzen Kroes but we can only dream.

Nike offer some great footwear, neon trainers. Who said gym clothes were boring…

To Sweaty Betty next and with these dark nights you want to been seen if your running on the streets so with this yellow and pink reflective jackets you can be safe and stylish. 
Also love the detailing on the compression tights and keep your hair off your face with a colourful head band, I'm all about the colour and print =]

Heard of Under armour ? check out their jazzy tights, I'm sure they are a great fit although I have never tried and tested them myself. 

Now how about to the high street for stylish work out gear…? H&M have came up trumpets with their range, they have just launched a range called Go Gold which is a limited collection and these bad boy leggings are already sold out!! Damn. 

Never mind you can still get the printed sports bra and at £12.99, well you can't argue with that!? 
Happy days. 
Any to carry your gear in… how about Converse vintage look barrel bag, it has short handle and long strap so easy to carry it your way. 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sabo Skirt

Heard of them?
The australian brand is all about colour! and boy I can't wait for summer now, super cute playsuits in prints to die for,  high waist shorts with trimmed lace edges and stroppy dresses make summer dressing easy.
Now although they do have international shipping for a flat rate of $10 it does not say for the EU it only says US….. will have to look more in to that because I'm in love.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Winter Style Challenge for Debenhams

Heres's my entries….

Day look
designer khaki fleece lined patchwork parka item no. 0370101504, dark plum kiwi check long sleeve shirt item no. 51891_CWS376_A, dune tan 'leather' chelsea boots item no. 56308_0928410283, oasis mid wash jessie begging item no. 58605_3250181423, designer cream weave knit scarf item no. 0250102254, cream hooded gloves item no. 0250101648, victor & rolf flower bomb eau de parfum item no. 1232519003

Night look
oasis faux leather and melton biker jacket item no. 58605_3880001901, coast debenhams exclusive - lileth sheer maxi item no. 58607_2310007480, carvel black 'glitz' high heel court shoes item no. 58958_4503100209, statement multi crystal stone row necklace item no. 37484_MDNW031486, bobbi brown creamy matte lip colour item no. 1235550372

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Candice Swanpoel

This girl is getting more high fashion, she has been on the covers and in the pages of Vogue worldwide. The victoria secret angel is hot right now and she's proving to be more than just a pretty face.

Monday, 6 January 2014


The subtle ombre or the sombre is beautiful, just wonder wether I could pull it off.
Unlike the ombre which was quite harsh dip dyed look, from black to white blonde basically, this is a subtle colour graduation at the end, years of grown out roots, like victoria secret model Lily Aldridge.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hair inspo

I've been blonde for ages and want a change, I know ombre is well worn out but I still love it! I recently went dark blonde but think about possibly going even darker on top….
some ides