Sunday, 29 June 2014


I found this image on Pinterest, a pair of baggy oversized ripped jeans: these bad boys
Heres some more images of inspiration and outfits with the baggy jeans if you weren't sure how to style them.

I am now on the hunt for some of these, either mom jeans I can customise or boyfriend jeans, rip and tear them using a seam ripper, scissors and a grater is the plan.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

On to some better news.....

I've started drawing again!!!
After a while out of practice I had a rare inspirational moment and went with it. Out with my SLR canon camera I walked along by the riverside, picking up flowers and leaves and photography anything that caught my eye. Wether it was texture, detail, flowers, leaves, trees, water etc. I snapped it because I know I can really do with some new imagery to work on photoshop with and after losing everything on my external hard drive!!!!!! maybes that was a sign to start a fresh with some new ideas, concepts and designs.