Thursday, 30 July 2015


On Tuesday I visited the exquisite Bowes Museum which I am ashamed to say, was my first time. Pulling up to what only can be described as a Buckingham Palace style gate, the grander and scale of the building and its surroundings have to be seen to be believed. It dates back to 1869 when the first stone was laid by Mrs Bowes, the building was a purpose built museum by Mr and Mrs Bowes in order to bring art to the North East and to create a world-class museum. And that indeed they have. 

What got my initial interest in visiting Bowes Museum was the "YSL - Style is Eternal", exhibition. Which for the country is the first exhibition of his work, for that to be showcased in the North East will bring a lot of tourism to region and prove that not everything is in London.

Yves Saint Laurent didn't follow trends, he designed for the woman's body, inventing the modern woman's wardrobe. Not afraid of bringing masculinity to his designs whilst preserving their femininity. Iconic designs and photographs are shown within the exhibition, history of fashion and the timeless art of Haute Couture.

My highlight of the exhibition was seeing up close the Haute Couture, the beading and embellishments and his original sketches. The vision and elegance of how he designed and dressed woman back in those days makes me wish I lived in that era.

"What has always come first to me is respect for a metier that is not quite an art, but which needs an artist to exist" - Yves Saint Laurent

The exhibition is on until the 25th of October 2015 and I most definitely recommend everyone to go and view it.