Friday, 28 August 2015

DIY Pallet Seats

My love of Pinterest has grew stronger after years of pinning inspiration for my college projects, trend reports and for photoshoot ideas but I have now found a new use for it: DIY.  It uses my creativity to visualise ideas and how an average person can do them, even if I don't have the skills in building.
I managed to convince the oh so willing boyfriend to assist and he sourced the pallets. I cut, sanded, nailed and oiled the corner pallet seats together.

Here's photo documentation of our journey of DIY pallet seat furniture for the garden. 

Piecing together the placement of our seating, decided to stack 2 pallets on top of each other for the desired height, created 2 back pieces for furthest side and 2 arms, which come handy as drinks holders. At this stage we have sanded parts of the pallets using an electric sander, quite time consuming but worth it to get that smooth finish. 

Heres some of the amazing markings I was talking about, you can't paint over these it's part of the character and the journey the wood has gone through.  
Here is the result of the oil, it protects from weather damage. And puppy of course had to get in the photo.
I made the base seat cushions, sticking with our theme of natural woods. These colours a neutral and go well in the garden, making the cushion covers for the base took a little working out with the dimensions of the foam, seam allowances, zips etc. but I got their in the end. Matching these to some bought scatter cushions in plain and check fabrics.