Monday, 16 January 2017

Textiles clutch bag

These textiles techniques combined together created a handmade clutch bag made from a recycled clasp, screen printed silk fabric lining which has been embroidered, flocked and embellished.

The textile technique of hand dying fabrics, creating a textured effect by using multiple tones of brown. The powders were scattered across the fabric and I let the water bleed this out. The silk was dyed using a more precise technique using cold water and soaking it for an hour, once this was complete it was rinsed and steamed.

The clasp was taken from another bag which was in fact once silver. I used a low grade sand paper to remove this coating which created a worn look.

The flocking speaks for itself really, using a design I created on Adobe Photoshop I exposed the silk screen to print. This was new technique for me but I love the outcome and brings texture to the design.

Hand embellished using multiple types of beads sourced from various stores, what I had found was The Works had packs of beads in different colours but the same tone.

This bag was part of a collection I created of fashion accessories including a belt, neckpiece and a necklace.