Sunday, 19 February 2017

Getting in to teaching

My journey started last year in pursuit to getting in to teaching, specifically secondary design and technology. With a background within the fashion retail industry and degree in textiles and surface design it was only natural this was always going to be the career path I'd take. Having a passion for the subject and motivated to make a difference I applied for my PGCE at Sunderland University.

My first thought to get in to teaching was a few years ago whilst competing in Miss Newcastle. When being asked what I would do if won, my response was that I would like to go in to schools giving motivational and inspiring talks regarding bullying, self confidence and careers advice.

I had to revise quite a bit for the numeracy skills test as I seemed to have forgotten everything from school. I practiced the tests online, found Bitesize handy and found worksheets online to practice the parts I was struggling on. Literacy was not a problem as I had plenty of customer care experience where I'd write emails to customers every day so spelling, grammar and punctuation was practiced. Luckily I passed both my numeracy and literacy skills tests first time which I was relieved that all the hard work paid off.

Now on to the real hard work, starting the PGCE. From University assignments to lesson planning and combining them all at once. It's not an easy course by any means, I would recommend anyone thinking about going in to teaching to really consider your motivations and reasons for wanting to go in to teaching. It certainly is not easy, unless you have a real passion and drive for teaching as well as the subject you will be teaching I wouldn't do it.