Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Textiles project with KS3

So, most if not all KS3 pupils will have a phone or tablet or at least know someone who does so this project can actually go to use when they complete.

A phone, tablet, iPhone or iPad case cover made out of fabric which will be based on the theme of Science and Technology because, lets be honest, I'm all about the STEM subjects and why not promote some cross curricular links within design?

With this in mind pupils can mind map ideas of Science and Technology, it really is quite broad so their ideas very much vary. Without giving them too many ideas because they tend to copy, some key words to help them get started but really giving them free reign to be creative.

The emphasis on this project is on the sewing machine where I will do some team work, pairing up the lower ability with higher. As well as this I will promote hand embroidery and introduce them to applique.

Pinterest link  - to view some ideas of cases please view and follow me on Pinterest

Images to follow of the pupils work but for now, here's my example which I have started to pin in place on to calico. It is a space scene which I have began to embroider The Sun.