Thursday, 23 February 2017

The teacher crisis

Yes, it has now been revealed by the Education Select Committee at the House of Commons that, what we've suspected all along, there is a teacher shortage and in particular my subject area Design and Technology. It is such a shame that the intake for 2017 has only reached 41% of its target and that's even with the incentive bursary they are giving.

However, anybody who is relatively interested in teaching D&T in secondary schools may also be aware of the increasing subject knowledge demand and on the other hand the decreasing of schools and pupils taking the subject, this is all because of that Ebacc. 

Overall there is a teacher shortage and apparently it's getting worse....
'The government is failing to take adequate measures to tackle "significant teacher shortages" in England, a committee of MPs has said.' , this quote taken from BBC's education website

Almost a third of teachers who started jobs in 2010 had left within 5 years, doesn't this tell MP's and the government something! Something needs to change. This is all being widely reported and I particularly like DATA's coverage on this as it is more subject specific

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